My Services


I teach a wide collection of courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Like many instructors, I used to teach on ground. Nowadays I principally  teach online at several colleges and universities.

The Computer Science courses I present range from introductory programming courses, data structures and algorithms, software architecture, software engineering, language design, compiler implementation, and theoretical computer science.

The Mathematics courses I teach include algebra, discrete math, linear algebra, abstract algebra, and recursive function theory.


I work as a software architect and engineer to design and implement applications that meet a collection of specification. I also help teams develop requirements for the applications that they are considering building.

I love taking complex ideas and simplifying them to provide applications that meet/exceed expectations.

I use distributed version control, testing, and build automation because they are  the foundation of a reliable development process.

If you think we might find a good fit, let's discuss the possibilities: